Pathway to Excellence Overview

Highland Park Public School’s Pathway to Excellence is a strategic plan framed by four focus areas that were identified by the community. Each focus area is supported by a committee of the following members:

•Local business owners
•Leaders of civic organizations such as the Highland Park Town Council, The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (New Brunswick Chapter), and local houses of worship
•Residents without children in the schools
•Teachers, support staff, and school leaders

The committees are responsible for facilitating the implementation of specific action steps that work to attain the district goals purposed to support the focus area.  

The Pathway to Excellence is a “living document” and will be updated according to new needs, challenges, and or changes in the priorities of the school district.

Pathway News

Mid-Year Strategic Plan Progress Update 2016-2017
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Action Planning Committees Meet
Committees have been meeting to check the status of action plans.
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Action Steps Being Implemented
Focus Area 1 includes several immediate-needs action steps that are currently being implemented.
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The Focus Areas

Focus areas frame the school district's goals and actions. They are as follows:

Providing equal opportunities for all students and promoting students’ social-emotional well-being

Individualizing learning experiences and improving the quality of education

Creating engaged global citizens with knowledge of social justice and fighting prejudice

Offering field and service experiences through local and regional partnerships to increase experiential learning opportunities​

The Goals

Each goal corresponds to a focus area:

The district will ensure that curriculum and instruction supports the “whole” child.

The district will ensure the inclusion and support of students, of all abilities, races, cultures, religions, belief systems, sexual orientations, genders/gender identities, and socio-economic backgrounds. 

The district will ensure that community and school-based resources are provided to support families in need.

The district will ensure the provision of more choice in programs.

The district will ensure implementation of more consistent and effective differentiated instruction (content, process, and products).

The district will provide teachers professional development and support that is systemic and ongoing.

The district will ensure the implementation and support of high quality standards-based curricula.

The district will ensure that students will have the opportunity to graduate as global citizens.

The district will ensure that students can demonstrate awareness of issues related to social justice and prejudice.

The district will ensure the expansion of experiential learning opportunities for all students.

The district will ensure the expansion and utilization of community resources to support experiential learning.

The Strategies

Strategies will be updated regularly and are subject to changes with input from the community committees and the school district leadership team.

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